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Lovers Quarrel: Lion's and Pista's Tradelocke by Lion-Oh-Day
Lovers Quarrel: Lion's and Pista's Tradelocke
So this is a portrait picture for the tradelocke Pistachios and I did together. These were our final teams against the elite four. 

--> Lion's Team <--
Zooander: Pyroar, male- Pyroars are awesome. ZooZoo taught me that he could set up with echoed voice and nothing could stop him. We're talking whiping entire elite for members. It was awesome and crazy and I love him. Not to mention flamethrower and dark pulse. He was just great. ( Survived )
Lore- ZooZoo was a proud champion fighter, always cocky or as he called it confident. He had a crush on the Luxray named Airius he was confident she felt the same way. He was rivals with Manicotti and often trained with Queso.

Rosie: Ninjask, female- I've always had a soft spot for the Nincada line they've just always been so cool. It was fun to get to use one in this run and watching her take down threats she honestly shouldn't have was fantastic. She was able to take on Dad Norman without even getting hit. Not to mention fighting an elite 4 member. ( Died in battle).
Lore- Rosie was timid often lost in her own thoughts. However she was a fierce fighter and gave no room in a fight. She would die to Stevens Cradilly. ( I thought she could one shot... nope stupid stupid stupid. )

Manicotti: Mightyena, male- This dude was great saved my skin in several fights due to his early game bulk. Later on he'd fill a nice niche as a good damage dealer. He reminds me a lot of another Mightyena I had in a White Egglocke.
Lore- Mani never took anything too seriously even in battle he would often crack wise. Maybe that is how he gained the heart broken Airius' affection. He however had no ambition to pursue the relationship till after the locke was over. He knew full well the dangers he would face and didn't want to make Airius worry. He was first used by Pistachios before being traded to Lion's team after Brawly.

Tiana: Vileplume, female- I'm gonna be honest Tiana didn't impress me as much she took awhile to get going and even then she wasn't the best. Though there being few fairy types in ORAS hurt her usability. Oh well she was a fun choice. ( Survived )
Lore- Tiana was always ashamed of her body, her species. Oddishes weren't known for their beauty, nor were glooms known for their grace. She however grew to have a strong bond with Pistachios Mushroomsoup and he helped her come to terms with who she was. Eventually she would decide to embrace herself and become a vileplume instead of a more beautiful Sunflora.

Queso: Gallade, male- Queso was strange it took him a long while to get to a point where he was useful. Even when a Gallade he still didn't have the moves to be useful, not to mention lacking a mega till post game. He was also very frail so I had to be cautious with him. However one thing is for sure his close combat hit HARD. But even if he wasn't always grade A, he still looked awesome. ( Survived )
Lore- Queso was originally owned by Pistachios. He would later meet Lion's Cinderella he was taken aback by her beauty. He knew she would be in safer hands with Pistachios than with Lion ( who had just lost half his team :C ) so he asked to be traded over in her place. Better him to endure the pain than her. He took pride in his looks and grace always cleaning after a rough battle. He was friends with both Mani and ZooZoo and often confided in them about his feelings.

Cashew: Claydol, none- I was surprised by Cashew! I was expecting a soft hitting tank. What I got was a fast decently hitting tank! It could take a hit and dish one out. I got it late in the game but I was happy to have it. With its physical move pool and special attacks it could hit pretty much anything for super effective damage. ( Survived) 
Lore- Cashew was given to Lion after the fight with Norman by Pistachios. She had found it in desert she figured Lion could use it more. Cashew was given its name for its love of well cashews. No one really knows what Cashew is like since it mostly floats about watching. A lot of the team members were scared of it, except for Rosie who would often bring the doll its favorite food.

Lion's Death count: 8  Lion's win count: 4.5.

--> Pistachios Team <--

Airius (Luxray) female - She's my cutie pie. ;^; It's unfortunate she doesn't really learn many moves through leveling up, but I still enjoyed watching her grow into the beauty she is today.
Lore- Airius was the child of a locke veteran. Sthall was his name and he was a good father. She decide she would be like him and compete in her own locke game. She would later meet Pistachios and the two would grow close together. She would meet a Manectric named Bolt who she had fond feelings for both being electric types. However he would die due to his dumb trainer ( :C I know guys I made mistakes -lion). She was devastated by the loss but found solace in Manicotti an old team member who she liked to train with. The two would finally make start their relationship after the locke. 

Apple Jack (Swampert) male - He was a great guy. He tended to get the job done and that made me happy. And once we got the TM for Earthquake, he was able to shake everybody's world!
Lore- Apple Jack was born in a farmers house he would watch them till the land and sow their seeds. He often thought he would end up like them till one day the professor came and took him to his new master Pistachios. She was nice and caring and he liked her. He became good friends with Bagle the two liking to have breakfast with one another.

MushroomSoup (Breloom) male - To be honest, I've never used a Breloom in any playthroughs. I've gotten Shroomish, but never trained it long enough to make it evolve. Honestly, I don't regret sticking through with MushroomSoup. I really enjoyed having him around on my journey.
Lore- Mushroom often liked to train by himself. He would shadow box with trees pretending they were his enemy. He wouldn't admit this but he also liked to imagine he was a knight saving damsels in distress. He liked Cinderella due to her strength and them having matching colors.

Cinderella (Gardevoir) female - She was pretty special to me. I had gotten her in a trade with Lion. She took a little getting used to since Queso had boosted special attack, but that was soon forgotten. She was a beast and I was glad I had her to count on.
Lore- Cinderella was first caught by Lion. She was often shy and bashful however came into her own after the second gym when she fought it single handily. She would often cry over the many ( Many many many) lost friends. She would later meet Queso who she found attractive and a kind person. She was initially skeptical of Dreamworks joining the team, however she learned that it was due to her own fear of being replaced and the two made amends. 

Bagel (Skarmory) male - Don't let that face fool you. Even though he doesn't look like a bagel, he is secretly one. Reliable and adorable, he was perfect for my team. I don't usually use Skarmory on my teams, so it was a bit of a pain when I had to train him and realized how long leveling was taking compared to the others. But in the end, he came through and I love his bagel self very much.
Lore- Bagel saw Pistachios walking through the ash covered trail and decide he'd be nice to her. This meant he'd join her team and battle for her. He didn't have a particular reason for doing so he was just a nice guy. This extended to his relationship with others where he often tried to do nice things for them.

DreamWorks (Lunatone) none - At first, I was a bit iffy about using her. She's another Pokemon I've never used in runs and I had gotten her from trading Cashew, who I was enjoying also. In the end, I was really happy with our time together. She was a wonderful addition to the team.
Lore- Lion found DreamWorks stuck to a wall. He pulled her off and shook the dust off. DreamWorks had been abandoned by a trainer a long time ago and just stayed there after all if her trainer didn't want her what was the point. However she soon discovered that Lion was not like the last trainer and began to open her heart to him. She was then promptly traded to Pistachios. ( Pista fault not mine she made the trade ). She had mad props yo for Airius dawg she was a straight homey G for shizzle.

Pistachios Death count: 1    Pistachios Win count: 4.5

---~-~-~-~ Final Thoughts ~-~-~-~---

It was really fun. I would do it again and I really enjoyed the pokemon that I used. - Pistachios

Dude this started off sooooo hard. I lost seven pokemon before even the third gym. However I cleaned up my act and with a bundle of good pokemon I managed to pull through. I still think ORAS is easy I just made a lot of bad plays. I named all my guys after Disney characters and Pista named them after food. -Lion
Lion's Spectacular Sapphire Locke by Lion-Oh-Day
Lion's Spectacular Sapphire Locke
So here's my part of the Nuzlocke I did with Pistachios.
My team consisted of

- Steven - (Metagross): It might have been cheating using the Shiny one, but Hey I thought it'd be fun, and it WAS he was a strong member of the team.
- Bellows - (Swellow) M : Bellows was.... Well he knew fly! Honestly he didn't leave a good impression on me he was just kinda weak and wasn't useful during the elite 4.
- Scout - (Dustox) M : Scout was almost the opposite of Bellows. I expected him to be useless but he actually wasn't! Bugbuzz was crazy strong and he turned out to be pretty beafy. I'm glad I got the little guy.
- Posey - (Roserade) F : Posey was a fun pokemon, she hit hard and had some support moves on her. I'm glad I can finally get a use out of Roselia that I never would in the original games.
- Wilbur - (Swampert) M : This guy was a boss. He was able to tank hits and dish them out. Plus it was nice having a starter survive this time.
- Volt - (Manectric) M : Volt was my first pokemon able to mega evolve and was still a pretty good choice for it. I was pleased with him and his awesomeness.

Dead pokemon

- Whiskers - (Zigzagoon) F: Don't remember how she died. She was level 14 so Meh.
- Waren - (Poochyena) M: He died to the jerk in the museum. Alas we knew him well.
- Mell - (Ralts) F: Mell died during training poor girl. Well I would go on to catch another female ralts in my next locke. You'll find out what happed to that one.
- Pikachu - (Pikachu) M: A cosplay pickachu. I can't remember too much about him since I couldn't carry him over. He was pretty awesome in his cool outfit though. He would die before the flying gym and I would replace him with Volt. ( A much better choice. )

Wrap Up

All in all I had a lot of fun with this run. I didn't have any serious deaths and none of my pokemon died during the E4. Heck I even went on to catch Rayquaza AND Deoxys without losing any of my team. I thought ORAS had some great cinematics that really helped the story. Heck if X/Y2 or Z can use those same techniques I would be ecstatic.

Soon me and Pistachios will brave the Elite 4 on our Tradelocke and we will see who truely is the pokemon master.
Pistachios' Rockin Ruby Locke by Lion-Oh-Day
Pistachios' Rockin Ruby Locke
Sandy Pants (Male Sandslash) Survived : He's a kewl cat that is loving and cute. He cares a lot about the others on his team.

Deliliah (Female Dustox) Survived : She's cool and is pretty reliable. She has a crush on a particular Dustox. She would special attack that. ;) ( She means mine. )

Spocky (Electrode) Died : He's pretty tough, and has been around and depended on since near the beginning. He's a pretty happy guy too

Pluto (Male Latios) Died : He's decent and sorta bulky. A bit of a loner, but is always there to help the rest

Zeke (Male Shiftry) Died : He's a cool dude. Just chill and somewhat quiet, but he knows what's up.

Bahbe (Female Exploud) Died :  She's my baby. ;-; Looks tough, but is just a beautiful baby and is cute.

" I thought it was a great run. I enjoyed every moment and hope to have a team like them again one day. I was sad when most of them died in the end, but I know we all did our best and that's what counts. :) " - Pistachios -

( So my girlfriend Pistachios and I got Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire together and thought it'd be fun to locke it. I finished mine within the first month ( Maybe about a week ) she took till the end of DECEMBER. She's a slow poke. I told her if she could do the whole locke I'd draw a picture of her team, so I did! I should have one of my team coming soon. We also did another ORAS TradeLocke. )
Pickachu Amiibo: Raichu paint job by Lion-Oh-Day
Pickachu Amiibo: Raichu paint job
So I saw a bunch of custom amiibos floating around the internet and I loved them! I really like the idea of customizing your amiibo.
I really hoped I'd get one for Christmas that way I could paint it. Course I got Link. Not only is he in possession of the pillar of triforce ( or whatever you call that ugly yellow pillar. ) he is also really hard to paint.
( Though I'm glad my parents got it for me. It was a great choice. Jut not good for a first paint job. )

So after I got some more money I went and got some paint supplies and a Pickachu amiibo.

After wondering what I could do with it I decided on giving it a Raichu paint job.

Now there are some problem areas, the under side of it is a bit messy ( couldn't reach it with my brushes. ) and the mouth is a bit smudged. But I think it's a pretty good job and a fun little project.
Meru's Crystal Soul Locke Team Shot by Lion-Oh-Day
Meru's Crystal Soul Locke Team Shot
So a friend of mine over on the Marriland forums recently completed a nuzlocke.
She only used one team of pokemon through all of crystal. The Jhoto gym leaders, the elite 4, the kanto gym leaders and even the man himself Red! It is a really great locke and I highly recommend it. ( You can read it Here )

This is just some art of her team. It was her birthday recently so I figured I should make her a little gift.


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