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Whispering Willows Garden Stroll by Lion-Oh-Day
Whispering Willows Garden Stroll
> Review will be added later <
So I recently had the pleasure of playing the game Whispering Willows by Night Light Interactive, and while I plan to post a review of the game soon I figured I'd go ahead and post the picture.

The picture itself I like. I think the perspective is a little wonky but it turned out pretty alright. I also like the texture on the bushes, road and the coloring of the spirit. To those of you who have played Whispering Willows, I realize Elena can't walk around in her human form and ghost form at the same time, but that wouldn't make for a good picture.

Night Light Website:
Night Light Twitter:
Whispering Willows on Steam:…
Lion Sculpts: hOI!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!! by Lion-Oh-Day
Lion Sculpts: hOI!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!!!
Yesterday was High School today is CoOL Legs!

The problem making this sculptor was that the design changes between over world, battle and shop keeper sprites. There's just not enough artwork out there to firmly decide on what Temmie is suppose to look like. Seriously.... what ARE those white horn things.... The battle ears are black but the shop keeper's ears are white! It doesn't make any sense!!!!

Making this figure it occurred to me that Temmie is kinda cosplaying as the main character. Or maybe Temmie is just a kid.

Well shoot me a comment! What's your favorite Undertale Quote? Next figure's hint will be from an anime, the hint is that it shares something with a monster in Fall Out. 
Lion Sculpts: Monokuma upupupu by Lion-Oh-Day
Lion Sculpts: Monokuma upupupu
Am I super high school level sculptor? Though.... I'm out of high school now.... so I probably WOULD be super high school level sculptor if I was in high school.

Anyways this figure turned out pretty well. The belly is a bit pointed and the head is more segmented than in the official art, but I wasn't really working from reference anyways.

Let me know what you think! Tomorrow I'll be uploading another Under Tale character! What could it be? Let's just say there's a clue in this very description!
Lion Sculpts : Yu-Gi-Oh Ghostrick Skeleton by Lion-Oh-Day
Lion Sculpts : Yu-Gi-Oh Ghostrick Skeleton
It's time for some spooky scary sculpt! I know it's a good month after Halloween, but hey it's never too late for a good figure.

I originally tried to make the skeleton when I made Jiangshe and Jackfrost, but it became WAY too large and lost the cuteness I wanted. Maybe I'll show it one day, but currently it's unpainted.

So this figure was fun to make, it lost some of the tiny details ( Like the bones on the chest or folds in the robes. However I think it still mostly works, though the scythe probably needed a seperation between the top and blade of the scythe. 

The base was fun to make, the Jaw bone on the floor and a tomb stone on the back. Though I wish I had put a pumpkin on it to match the other two.

So let me know what you think! Let me know what you might wanna see sculpted! 
Lion Sculpts: Undertale Asriel Dreemurr by Lion-Oh-Day
Lion Sculpts: Undertale Asriel Dreemurr
This is my third Undertale Sculpt. I wanted to try out using wire in a clay figure both as armature and to create lines I couldn't make with clay. The flower stem is made out of wire that runs through the arm.

I enjoy how this turned out, though I feel the legs are a bit wonky. It's a bit bigger than the other ones ( That just means I gotta make another Player figure). 

Let me know how you think in the comments.


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